SPINE Pilates™ – Evidence-based Exercise Science for the Spine

SPINE Pilates™ is a physiotherapist designed and researched, evidence-based scientific programme of therapeutic exercise prescription for back pain.

Advanced research about movement and core stability of the spine, combined with original research findings from Dr Lynn Bardin’s Master of Science (Physiotherapy) degree, are the foundation of the specialised SPINE Pilates™ approach to exercise for back pain. Credibility of effectiveness is underpinned by research presentations measuring positive outcomes of recovery from chronic low back pain, which have been presented at national and international scientific meetings.


I am writing this letter just to thank you for all the help and hope, which you have given me, following my surgery which consisted of Lumbar Decompression and Fusion.

I began attending your SPINE Pilates™ classes on a regular basis for approximately 6 month’s, and during this time I found a remarkable return to my previous fitness and ability to return to normal life and well being. I have been able to return to the workforce, which I felt would be impossible at times and most importantly I was able to resume playing golf. I never thought that I would get back to playing golf, let alone playing well.

Mr G