About Dr Lynn Bardin

Dr Lynn Bardin is the physiotherapist who designed and researched the foundation of the SPINE Pilates™ approach to therapeutic exercise. She practises orthopaedic physiotherapy with a special interest in the treatment and rehabilitation of back, neck and knee pain. She is a senior physiotherapist at Bounce Health and at the Austin Hospital where she has pioneered the 'Better Backs @ Austin' programme.

Qualifications and further study

Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (1976)
Grad. Cert. in Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (1988)
Master of Science in Physiotherapy (1998)
Doctor of Clinical Physiotherapy (2011 - University of Melbourne)

Practice location: (Melways 63 E3)

380 Springvale Road
Forest Hill
3131 Victoria
Telephone (03) 9877 7004

Clinical experience – over 3 decades of clinical experience in assisting people with orthopaedic conditions, particularly back and neck pain. Dr Bardin has recently expanded her research to include knee conditions in particular knee osteoarthritis.

Professional Testimonials:

  • Spinal surgeon: “Lynn Bardin is a physiotherapist who has specialised in spinal related problems. She has developed a particular expertise in low back rehabilitation and I can highly recommend the work that she does. She has taken an interest in back pain patients in an analytical way which extends far beyond average physiotherapy. Her practice is based on science rather than dogma and it has therefore always been a pleasure to refer and discuss the detailed management of patients with her.”
  • Elite athlete recovering from spinal fusion: “The surgery made me feel very insecure. I would not have had the confidence to learn to move normally as I had a fear I might undo the surgery. I needed the knowledge and expertise the physiotherapist could offer me as well as the hands-on treatment. I think that the expert advice, often based on a scientific explanation, gave me the confidence to progress at a more rapid rate and to venture into more advanced and demanding exercise.” Bardin LD (2003) - Published in Physical Therapy in Sport 4 (2003) 40-45. Physiotherapy management of accelerated spinal rehabilitation in an elite level athlete following L4-S1 instrumented spinal fusion.
  • Medical practitioner (who has been a patient): “Lynn has three great strengths as a physio. She is:
    1. Knowledgeable about diagnosis and always respects medical opinion
    2. Passionate about preventative health and the benefits of exercise
    3. Particularly good with her hands and has exceptional massage skills (I walk out headache free!)

Research experience – awarded Master of Science degree for extensive research investigating the role of therapeutic exercise for the rehabilitation of chronic low back pain. Dr Bardin has more than 30 peer-reviewed congress presentations and publications and is involved in ongoing research about back pain.

Lecturing and teaching – Dr Bardin has taught physiotherapy courses nationally and internationally and has extensive experience teaching at post-graduate level in South Africa and at the University of Melbourne.

Further study – graduated 2011 with Doctor of Clinical Physiotherapy degree, University of Melbourne. This degree promotes:

  • Advanced understanding of the scope of physiotherapy in a specialist area
  • Advanced clinical knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Highly developed problem solving
  • Advanced training under skilled supervision