SPINE Pilates™ - Evidence-based Exercise Science for the Spine

In developing the SPINE Pilates™ programme, Dr Lynn Bardin has pioneered a unique approach to therapeutic exercise for back pain that:

  • Applies current research about core stability exercises for back pain
  • Integrates the results of her Master of Science degree, which investigated the effectiveness of therapeutic exercise and patient education for rehabilitating patients with chronic low back pain and showed excellent recovery in the patients studied (graphs of results)
  • Advises patients and instructs them in specialised exercise prescription

How do patients rate SPINE Pilates™?

  • Researched programme - 91% patient satisfaction rating (presented at international scientific meetings)
  • 2005 Survey - 94% of patients preferred a physiotherapist-supervised program and 100% felt safer exercising under supervision
  • How have patients benefited? Click here to read testimonial

Who can exercise the SPINE Pilates™ way?

Some patients require expert advice about their suitability for SPINE Pilates™. This would be based on a professional physiotherapy consultation including a medical history and examination and individual exercise prescription as appropriate. The exercises are based on a scientific understanding of spinal loads and pathology, hence avoiding harmful loading/postures and prior analysis of spinal pathology where appropriate. Patients who have benefited include:

  • Post spinal surgery
  • Degenerative disc/disc lesions
  • Spondylolysis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Sciatica
  • Non-specific back pain
  • Chronic neck pain